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The many reasons to switch to Windows Presentation Foundation

Window Forms is still there with WPF in.NET framework along with Visual Studio. It is something that is still being used, but it has somehow become outdated. So what is windows presentation foundation? Windows Presentation Foundation or WPF can be defined as a subsystem that is graphical in nature for the rendering of interfaces in applications based in Windows platform by Microsoft. It was previously known as Avalon and was released as.NET framework 3.0’s part.

Put simply, it can be defined as development tool of Microsoft that can be used to build client rich applications and web applications. With Windows WPF, windows developers can make use of XAML or Extensible Application Markup Language in order to create graphics, custom controls, animations and 3D images which otherwise are not possible with the traditional HTML implementations.

WPF along with WcF or Windows Communication Foundation, Window CardSpace, and WF or Windows Workflow Foundations are the four main component of the .NET Framework 3.0. You can go through online windows presentation foundation tutorial in order to know about this in details.

Here is this article we tell you some reason as why switching to Windows presentation foundation from Windows Forms or WinForms is a great thing to do:

Data Binding

Data binding capabilities of WPF is excellent and WinForms does not even come close to that. Once you get an idea of what data binding in WPF, you would never want to get back to WinForms. Binding controls to the collection and the likes by the creation of simple DependencyProperty instance and making use of XAML properties in order to bind to object correctly are some of the things that you do with windows presentation.

Graphics and UI customization

This might not be your main priority but in WPF, each of the UI components is highly customizable. Altering or editing the XAML template can lead to a complete rewrite of the control’s behavior and look and that is a huge benefit with Microsoft windows presentation foundation. Graphic support is also very advanced and developers can play with 3D objects and images, animation and media in the windows presentation framework and all these can be done quite easily.

Clear separation of logic and UI

The code is structured and the UI is designed is completely separately and this is something same in WinForms as well. The difference lies due to the use of XAML as with this the developers can design a specific UI without having the knowledge what language it is later going to be used with whether VB.NET or C#. This means the UI design can be made entirely by a person who has no knowledge about programming languages.

There are many other reasons for this switch and these are not less than benefits that this framework offers. Windows presentation foundation plug-ins is easy to install and it is easy to implement MVVM pattern windows presentation foundation applications as logic and UI is completely separated. More improvements in WPF are waiting in the queue as Microsoft is focusing more on this.

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