Windows Azure

Windows Azure

Windows Azure

Azure cloud services are based on the Microsoft platform and it is a perfect choice for medium and small sized business that are having troubles in fulfilling their storage needs. Micorsoft Windows Azure is the cloud solution offered by Microsoft. Azure web services enjoy the support from various programming frameworks and languages and happen to be one of the most powerful available cloud development platforms. Windows Azure offers the following nine services:

  • Virtual machines
  • Websites
  • Data management
  • Cloud services
  • Identity
  • Business analytics
  • Media services
  • Messaging
  • Mobile services

There are many benefits and features that come with Azure development that makes it one of the best in the market for small businesses around the globe and they are as follows.

Features and benefits

Website launch

With the Azure Management Portal, one can create a web application very quickly. This portal accepts scripts from CLI tools or PowerShell or any other operating system. A site that already exists in DropBox, GitHub, Git, Bitbucket, and CodePlex can also be deployed.

Azure Virtual Machines

Window Azure cloud allows the launching of Linux OS or Window Servers and virtual machines have a gallery to store your images which you can publish later.

On – demand Resources

This is another great feature that comes with Windows Azure web development. On – demand resources can be scaled for growing along with the business. Azure system center allows the moving of virtual hard disks between cloud servers and on-premises.

Visual studio development

Azure developers can right click on any website in order to launch the same. Visual Studio allows the management of any site directly within Azure and provides site logs and love data dreams as well.

Numerous development options

Visual studio does not limit the ability of the developers. Developers can make use of numerous other languages like Python, ASP,, PHP and the likes to create Azure app services. Drupal, Django, WordPress, CakePHP etc. are included in the Web application gallery and this is something that we all know.

Easy management of mobile services

Data options can be leveraged easily with Azure to make global changes. Mobile Services allows storing sensitive data on-premises instead of storing the same on the cloud.

Simple Data Storage Options

Windows Azure platform ensures simple data storage. Binary Large Objects or Blobs are one of them where images, videos, and unstructured texts can be easily stored. The presence of Import / Export feature ensures that data can be moved out of blobs as required.

Predictable performance

Azure SDK supports massive built-in availability, scale-out, and flexible management. The costs are kept down due to tiered services.

Usage of Familiar Microsoft Tools

This framework deeply integrates with many useful Microsoft tools like Power View, Power Pivot and many more and that is an added benefit as well.

Azure cache is available in three tiers and you can choose one as per your needs and requirements. The three cache tiers as managed my Microsoft are Basic, Standard, and Premium. The last two are dedicated and the first one is shared.

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