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WCF Services – Everything you needed to know

WCF stands for Window Communication Foundation and is basically a framework that is used for creating service-oriented applications. WCF services enable you to send data as the asynchronous message across service endpoints. A service endpoint can be a simple service that is being hosted in an application or a service that is continuously available and being hosted by IIS. An endpoint, on the other hand can be a client requesting data from one of the service endpoints. The messages can be sent as a simple singer character message or word in XML or even a set of complex binary data. Examples of such scenarios include:

  • A secure service for processing business transactions
  • A service for supplying date to like traffic report etc. to others
  • A chat service allowing people to communicate in real time
  • A dashboard application for polling services for data and presenting the same via logical presentation

Creation of such applications was possible even before the existence of WCF. However, with WCF development of endpoints are much easier and WCF service application offers a manageable approach for creating web service clients and web services.


If you are planning to create WCF service, then you are sure to get the following features:

  • WCF helps to create service-oriented applications and it is based on Service Oriented Architecture or SOA to receive and send data. There is the advantage of being loosely coupled for these services and not hard-coded.
  • Web service interoperability is another feature of WCF
  • With WCF, messages can be exchanged in more than one pattern. Request/reply is the most common pattern where data is requested by one endpoint from another endpoint. One- way message is yet another pattern where a single message is sent by one endpoint without the expectation of any reply. Duplex exchange pattern is another complex pattern that is used
  • The WCF framework supports the publishing of service metadata by making use of industry specified formats like XML Schema, WSDL, and WS policy. These can be used to generate and configure clients in order to access to WCF services.
  • It has been built on .NET framework meaning it offers you code friendly methods that you can use to supply contacts that you need to enforce. Data contracts is one of the universal types of such contracts
  • WCF services are secured as messages can be encrypted in order to ensure privacy and you can also require authentication by users before they receive messages
  • There are several transports and encoding and messages can be sent on any of these. HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is one of the most commonly used encodings and protocols for sending text encoded SOAP messages in the world wide web
  • Durable messages is another feature you would get for creating WCF web services and these are messages that do not get lost due to some kind of communication disruption and gets stored in the data base.

There are many other features that make WCF a great choice for creating applications.

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