About Vehicle Tracking System

Project Overview

Project Overview :

Description : Vehicle Tracking System     Technology : .NET

Vehicle Tracking System: Vehicle Tracking Project is revolutionary way for managing Vehicle Fleets. More and more vehicle owners, business owners, fleet managers and companies are discovering this new way to efficiently track and manage their resources. Vehicle Tracking also provides a security feature such use of safety zone that will alert you via SMS / Email when your vehicle leaves your pre-assigned areas and a lot more features. Vehicle Tracking also manages vehicle details like temperature, fuel and RPM details.

Features :

  • Google Map integration for location tracking
  • Real time Vehicle Tracking details like Speed, Mileage, Current status, and Location
  • Real time Fuel details like Fuel Consumption, Fuel Level and Fuel Pressure
  • Other vehicle details like Temperature and RPM
  • Track: Track the vehicle details and view the location in the Map along with Mileage, Current status and Driver details
  • Alerts: Create alerts to receive SMS / Email for specified situations
  • Geo Fences: Create the Geo Fences [Define area in Map] to receive notifications when vehicles cross the defined Geo Fences
  • POIs: Create POIs with specific locations and receive the notifications when vehicles pass through the defined POI
  • Tours: Create the Tours by selecting the locations for vehicle and manage the tours by ordering the locations or Optimize the tour and system will optimize the tour route by arranging the location in order.
  • Nearest Cars: Find the nearest cars by selecting the location.
  • Reports: There are different reports available in the system for vehicle details like Engine Routes, Engine Fuel, Battery Level, POIs and Drivers.
  • Commands: Control vehicles with commands like Stop vehicle, and Start Stop tracking vehicle.

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