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TranScan Application
TranScan Application
TranScan Application
TranScan Application
TranScan Application
Project Overview

Project Overview :

Description : TranScan Application     Technology : .Net

TranScan Application (TSA) is a new and fresh approach on Logistics Management. TSA is a simple yet powerful way to track the delivery of goods and services associated with them. TSA will help its users seamlessly manage orders received from various customers, create an assignment with group of orders, and, also assign vehicles and drivers and track them in real time. Our Transformation Engine (TE), which is an integral part of TSA, will constantly look for orders from different customers and will automatically transform them into one standard format. Just drag and drop orders to a vehicle, to create an assignment with multiple orders! Our clear and intuitive design provides a hassle-free user experience (UI/UX) while assigning and/or unassigning orders to a vehicle. TSA allows sending real time notifications to intimate the drivers regarding the new assignment although they are offline!

Features :

  • Web API :- Seamlessly communicate on various mobile device platforms
  • Windows Services:- Automate the scanning process
  • Multi Tire Website (MVC):- Clear and categorized code for easy development and updates using MVC, Entity Framework, ASP.NET Identity 2.0, Dependency Injection.
  • SaaS based Multi Tenant Website:- A new website with its own separate database.
  • Mobile Applications:- Use any smart mobile as a scanning and tracking device of orders.
  • Google Maps:- Have a map view of the orders (with brief information) before creating an assignment.
  • FTP:- Push multiple orders at the same time to the server.
  • CMS Integration:- Create and manage various templates and content
  • Offline Support :- Mobile device users can work offline. Upon internet data connectivity, the device will synchronize with server
  • Barcode Scanning :- Predefined standard barcodes are available for prompt changes in order status e.g. Scan-On, Scan-off
  • Transformation Engine :- Dynamic file-mapping feature useful to map any of standard file types i.e. csv, xls, xlsx and xml etc., to push orders to database.
  • Push Notification :- Real time, Signal R-based Chat application included with Push notification feature.
  • Chat Feature :- Driver, Administrator and Back-office Manager in single chat room, supported with log history.
  • Price Matrix :- Matrix management of product codes and customer codes is helpful to upload as excel file for the ease of invoice calculations, services and many more...

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