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The World Wide Web has emerged as the most popular means of communication and it has changed the way we use to conduct business and everything else. It also has a big role to play in changing the way we use to learn about new things, communicate and enjoy life. Everything is being driven by the internet in some way or the other.

In order to take the advantage of this situation, companies and enterprises are seeking innovative ways of offering their services and products to the customers via the internet. Software developers, designers, and engineers are busy developing internet-enabled applications to meet the requirements of such businesses. Socket programming is one of them.

Socket Programming Development

A socket is a fundamental computer technology and it allows the communication between applications following the standard procedure that has built in the operating system and hardware. Socket technology has been there for over 2 decades unlike network software.

Most software applications rely on the internet these days and this is the reason as why they become so very popular. Many of the software packages like instant messaging applications, web browsers etc. that are used in present rely on sockets.

Put simply, sockets represent the connection between two different pieces of software. Multiple sockets are required in case more than two pieces need to communicate amongst one another. Software based on sockets run on two computers. However, sockets can also be used to communicate locally that is in the same computer. Sockets are bidirectional in nature meaning both the sides of the connection are capable of receiving and sending data.

Now we would look at some of the terms that are often associated with socket programming:

Ruby socket programming: Ruby socket programming offers network services two levels of access and has libraries that offer access to the higher level to application level network protocols that are specific in nature like HTTP, FTP, and the likes.

The basic socket support can be accessed by you at a low level in the underlying OS and this allows you to implement servers and clients both for both connectionless and connected oriented protocols.

Python Socket programming: Python socket programming also offers two levels of access as in two basic socket modules. The first is the Socket that offers the standard BDI socket API and the other is Socket Server that simplifies the development procedure of network servers by providing server-centric class.

There are various other programs used for client server socket programming like Perl socket programming, VB.Net socket programming, PHP socket programming to name a few.

All these ensure that the communication between two or more hosts is enabled in a smooth way and their working varies to some extent.

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