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Features and Benefits

Silverlight created by Microsoft is based on .NET framework and is a free plug-in which is supported across multiple web browsers, operating systems and devices. Silverlight application development offers business users a powerful interface that can interact easily with files, data, devices and other applications like Microsoft Office and the likes.

Silverlight is available for download from Microsoft free of cost and here in this article we mention some of the features and benefits when it comes to Silverlight development.

Features of Silverlight Application Development

Silverlight comes loaded with features and they are:

  • It has been built in CLR engine and is sure to deliver a high performance from its end across all web browsers
  • It comes with a rich framework of class library that can be used with the applications that are browser-based
  • Silverlight supports WPF user interface programming model
  • Silverlight does not require ASP.NET as it supports Linux or PHP environment
  • It offers limited access for applications to the file system
Benefits of Silverlight Application Development
  • Great user acceptance and adoption is one of the biggest benefits of Silverlight programming. This is really important when there is a need for a transition to a browser based application from a client application that needs to be installed in the computer of a user. With Silverlight applications, users are likely to remain engaged for a longer time due to its interactive capabilities and rich content presentation.
  • Silverlight also ensure powerful data visualization as well and that is another key benefit. Silverlight developers can make use of rich graphics to make the data representation interactive and animated if required as well. With a well designed application, users can easily check the data by clicking on the mouse and the need for scrolling up and down can also be minimized.
  • People who have used Silverlight tools say that their need for testing, maintenance development and support has been greatly reduced and delivering a successful business application has become much easier. Silverlight apps behave in a consistent manner across all web browsers and that is never the case with JavaScript, AJAX and the likes. This reduces the development and testing time significantly. Also it can be really complicated and tedious creating an interactive user interface in case of other frameworks other than Silverlight. It is also more time consuming in case other frameworks.
  • Silverlight applications also support high quality videos
  • With Visual studio, developers can create applications very quickly with less Silverlight developer runtime
  • Silverlight applications come with copy protection and supports remote debugging
  • Silverlight applications support various third party languages like Python, Ruby and the likes
  • These applications are also the cheapest way to stream video over the internet at their best quality

These are some of the benefits of Silverlight applications and there are several others as well. just make sure to hire experienced developers for designing your applications.

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