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Project Overview :

Description : Information Website     Technology : .Net

Mypedia is a free-to-use website that allows the general public to create their own profile in the format of a Wikipedia page. The name “Mypedia” is based on the concept of a personal (‘My’) encyclopedia (‘pedia’). This concept first originated back in 2009 when I lived by the philosophy that “you haven’t made it in life until you’ve got your own Wikipedia page”. As my hopes of legitimately achieving this failed, I decided to create Mypedia! Why is it that we can only read about the lives of ‘celebrities’ online? Here at Mypedia we believe that everybody has an interesting life in one way or another and everybody has a story to tell. So set up your own profile and begin to imprint your life in the history of the Internet forever!

Anybody with internet access can create a Mypedia page, and unlike on Wikipedia, users are only able to edit their own profiles. Our vision is to create a platform where people can learn about anyone in the world at the click of a button!

The functionality of being able to “hyperlink” to other people’s profiles (as seen on Wikipedia) will allow you to keep track of everybody who is important to you on a single page, and a clear outline of when and where you met them.

So what are you waiting for? Begin your journey as a Mypedian and don’t forget to involve your friends, families, colleague and just about anyone else you have met so far on this journey called life! You can then hyperlink to their profiles and stay connected forever…

Features :

  • Create his / her bio-graphy
  • Manage his / her profile
  • Synchronize with user's Linked-in account
  • Favorites users tagging functionality
  • Live feeds from various users
  • Management for CMS, Users and various other features

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