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Databases are meant for storing a large amount of data and these are used by numerous companies all across the world to store inventories, employee information, customer information, pricing and item information and everything else that is important. Databases are used by internet search engines as well to locate web pages. People make use of databases to store important information like contact details for personal usage, financial records, home inventories and the likes.

Database programs need to find and return the required information as needed. Structured Query Language or SQL was launched in the year 1971 to facilitate easy access to databases. Microsoft SQL Server was launched in May 1989 and is based on Sybase program. This was Microsoft SQL Server 2008 1.0 and 2008 1.1 was released in May 1990. This was the first version that could support the Windows and it was Windows 3.0 at that time. Microsoft SQL server management offers many benefits to its users and we have mentioned a few of them below.

Streamlined Installation

All that you need to install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is ‘setup wizards’. The installer can also download, detect, and install any other prerequisites updates that are required. All these features reduce the complexities associated with the installation of the software and that is a great benefit with SQL server database. SQL server Analysis services, database service, integration services and other individual components can be installed separately. Security patches are installed automatically in Microsoft SQL server and this reduces the maintenance costs as well.

Great Performance Features

This comes with built-in encryption and transparent data compression and thus, the need to change or modify programs for encrypting data is not required. Microsoft SQL server database offers efficient permission management and access control tools along with better performance as far as data collection is concerned. It also integrates with Microsoft Office and that is another benefit.

Microsoft SQL server supports 524 terabytes of databases and it comes with a data compression feature that reduces the database size. This compression is valid of backup databases as well.

Enhanced Security Features

It comes with strong access protection and authentication and also better password management options. This enforces frequent password changes and stronger passwords for better security.

It makes use of Policy-based management in order for detection of noncompliance security policies and this ensures that only authorized people have access to the database. Events and security audits can be automatically written in order to log files.

Low ownership costs

This is another great benefit as data management tools, Advanced Compression, disk partitioning, advanced security features, data mining tools, enterprise reporting and many other Microsoft SQL server tools come at no extra cost. Microsoft SQL 2008 also offers backward compatibility and this means there is no need to upgrade your computer or update from Microsoft SQL 2000 and 2005.

Make sure that you look for SQL server developers with Microsoft SQL certification. Microsoft SQL server tutorial is offered by Microsoft online and you can go through it for an idea regarding Microsoft SQL server reporting services, Microsoft SQL server price, Microsoft SQL server documentation etc.

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