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Project Overview

Project Overview :

Description : Website     Technology : .NET

LegisTracker Website: The LegisTracker website is for the Users to search and get the data related to the legal bills. Users can search the Bills saved in the database with keywords/search term and search result is fetched through third party API [dtSearch] which generates search result from the HTML, XML/XSL and PDF data and displays the search result with highlighted search keywords with pagination.

Features :

  • Each request sent through Bill to end-point will be processed and saved as xml file. This request will have bill metadata only and not content/text.
  • Indexing of Bill metadata and text files using third party API.
  • Search Bills and get search result with highlighted keywords in the Bills Listing.
  • Print the Bills.
  • Export the Bills.
  • View Latest updates available.
  • Subscribe for Newsletter.
  • Subscribe for RSS feeds.

USA : +1 315 715 8494

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