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Entity Framework

What is Entity Framework?

Entity Framework is basically an object-relational mapper that allows .Net developers to deal with relational data by making use of domain specific objects. Entity Framework or simply EF helps by eliminating the need for the use most of the data accessed codes that are usually written by developers.

There is an Entity Framework team that actively works to develop and EF along with a community of open source developers from around the world. They work together to create the best data access experience as possible for all the .Net developers out there.

How to use Entity Framework?

There is Entity Framework tutorial available online that you can refer to for the basic idea of the same. In order to make use of EF release that is officially supported, then you can log on to msdn.com/data/ef and here you will find all the information you are looking for like information regarding install Entity Framework, Entity Framework update and everything else. You will also get videos as well

There are also sites where you will get all the latest changes that are yet to be release regarding EF.

Entity Framework can serve as a very powerful tool which let developers to model and develop data specific as per the requirements of their applications. Binding of data to controls is also possible by the developers by making use of this framework and also the management of relationships between tables. With EF, developers no longer need to spend a lot of time as far as access and storage are concerned and EF offers an additional layer of abstraction and gives the developers a lot more freedom as far as presentation of data is concerned.

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