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Benefits of DotNetNuke Development

You are reading this article as probably you are considering DotNetNuke development (DNN) for your website and you want to know what its advantages are. DotNetNuke module development has many benefits and here we have enlisted only a few of them so that it becomes easy for you to take the right decision. Whether these are advantages or not depend on the type of your website and it is best to consult a DotNetNuke developer for the same. Following are general advantages meant for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Simple content creation and editing

This needs to mention first as this is the most important things. A CMS is great only when content management is simple and DotNetNuke ensures just that. DNN offers a rich and robust text editor and numerous other options for creating content no matter whether you are a team of writers, managers, and editors or you manage the content all by yourself. Approval management and permission setting are there for larger teams as well.

Advanced Features

DNN development comes loaded with features whether you have an out of the box solution or with third party modules and all these features can be extremely useful for all sizes of businesses. Email marketing, advertisement management, user management, multilingual ability, document management, blog management etc. are some of the features you will get with DotNetNuke hosting that help the IT team and marketing team to manage your website perfectly.

Superb security

Unmatched security is another big benefit of DNN module development. Each of the user groups is provided with their own permission and all the users can be sorted into each of these groups based on operations. A security model comes inbuilt with DNN CMS architecture, unlike other CMSs where integration with a third party module is required for security. This is the reason as why DNN is considered to be one of the most secure platforms for hosting websites in the entire market.

Platform Flexibility

Being based on ASP.Net, DNN offers extreme flexibilities with both custom and pre-made modules. Integration with numerous business applications is simply with DNN making it a very popular choice amongst website developers.

Website Speed

The code base of DNN is very efficient ensuring that the website speed is high and this in turn ensures a great experience for all your site visitors.

Based in Portals

DotNetNuke architecture is portal based and this allows you to run many sites with one DNN installation. This is highly beneficial for people who need to run a website as well as an intranet or different portals for different departments.

Great for intranets and applications

Since the coding is efficient, DNN is a great choice for hosting intranets or applications. This enables management of different IT assets through one platform.

Great support

DNN offers central technical support and since it is open source, it gets support from different partners all across the world.

Reduced Cost

DotNetNuke templates and all versions of DNN are cost efficient and comes loaded with features.

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