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What is .Net Remoting?

.Net Remoting is something that many of you are not synonymous with and it is a mechanism for communication between two or more objects that are not in the same process. It is like a generic system that makes communication between different applications possible. Objects in .Net is being exposed to remote process makes way for inter-process communication. These applications can be located both on same and different computers of the same network or on computers connected across different networks.

This offers a framework that offers objects a platform to interact amongst each other across different application domains. This was so designed so that the most difficult aspects stay hidden like managing connections, writing and reading XML and SOAP, marshaling data, and the likes. A number of services are offered by the framework like object lifetime support, object activation, along with communication channels that are responsible for transportation of messages from and to these remote applications.

The .Net framework offers different communication methods that are available for accomplishing these tasks in an effective and fast manner and this can be done by someone who has minimum knowledge of encoding and protocols though it is best to hire the services of Remote .Net developer. Thus, the .Net framework supports you no matter whether you want to build a web application quickly or you are in need of more time to create an enterprise wide application that makes use of several operational systems or computers along with serialization optimizations and multiple protocols. Communication across different process is something that is not easy though the .Net framework handles much of it.

Pros of .Net Remoting
  • It supports many communication protocols like HTTP, SOAP that are used by ASP.Net web services and this support enables faster communication as far as remoting in ASP.Net is concerned.
  • The ASP.Net programming model is specifically tied to IIS and this limits it to create web services that make use of the consumer/ producer model. With .Net remoting, one can share objects from any types of applications
  • Net start remote service is very much a part of the .NET framework and supports the .NET system fidelity completely and any object can be passed on to the client across the wire and this is completely opposite to what happens in case of ASP.Net
Cons of .Net Remoting
  • This programming model is a bit more complicated as compared to the ASP.NET programming model
  • .NET support by Visual Studio to remoting is also not very comprehensive
  • There is also no security as far as the .NET remoting application layer is concerned and is less secured as compared to ASP.NET web services
  • Applications in this programming model are also coupled tightly and that is another disadvantage of the same.

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