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Classic ASP Development Services

Classic ASP Development

Classic ASP Development – Are there any advantages of it?

ASP stands for Active Server Pages and Classic ASP development happens to be a pretty old technology that was developed in the year 1998. It was the first server side scripting engine that was developed by Microsoft and is a technology that allows scripts present in web pages that are to be executed by an internet server. This is a powerful that has been in use for quite some time now for making dynamic web pages. Though classic ASP hosting is an old concept, there are innumerable websites on the World Wide Web that are using it.

Why is Class ASP still used?

It was first released as an add-on to Windows NT4 and it later became a part of Windows 2000. It is also a part of IIS and has undergone three iterations until Microsoft stopped developing it. Though the development of classic ASP has stopped long back, it continues to be the base of ASP.NET version 1 which is one of the mostly used frameworks these days. However, developers can still code in Classic ASP style while making use of ASP.NET.


Inspite of the fact that this technology is old, classic ASP websites can be very fast and that is a great benefit that many developers take advantage of till date. In fact, it is even possible for a classic ASP website to cross its ASP.NET counterpart in terms of speed in many situations in case of modern servers in a similar scenario.

However, speed is not the only important factor and there are various other factors that you need to take into consideration. Apart from the speed of the application, the development speed is another very important factor that matters in case of classic ASP and ASP.NET. Things that used to take a day or two in case of VB script now happens in less than few hours or even within minutes all thanks to the new built in components in the rich .NET framework. And of course there is the Visual Studio that is often referred to as the 8th wonder of the world by the developers. This is the reason as why there is transition from classic ASP to ASP.NET.

From the commercial point of view, developing websites by making use of ASP.NET makes more sense as the entire world wants things in the shortest possible time. Despite this fact, there is something quaint and attractive about Classic ASP. There is a certain rawness about it that makes developers love this technology. The experience of coding page by making use of VB script and Classic ASP support can be very satisfying from the point of view of the developer though it would be a time consuming affair and there is also not string builder class.

Developers claim that the experience of working with age old technologies that are static is somewhat pleasing because of the fact that nothing has changed and they can come back to at least one thing that has not changed unlike other technologies that have been upgraded with time.

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