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C# is the type of language which is elegant and type object which also permits developers to develop or build a wide range of secure and robust applications which can run on .NET Framework. To create windows client application, distributed components, XML web services, database applications and client server application one can use C# language. To develop database applications, vb.net database programming, programming with vb.net, c# application development on C# language and on .NET Framework, C# web development offers advanced code editor, integrated debugger, and suitable user interface designers to make the development process easier. C#.NET Application Development is the most used process for these developments.

Benefits of C#

  • C# is a language which is very easy and simple to learn and is very expressive. Application developers familiar with C, C++ or Java can recognize the curly brace syntax of this language quickly. Any person who is acquainted with these languages can adapt and learn C# very quickly.
  • Unlike C++, C# can simplify many of the complexities of C++. It also has powerful characteristics such as lambda expressions, null value types, delegates, enumerations; direct memory access and many more and these are not available in Java.
  • This simple language also supports few generic procedures which in turn provide safety and performance.
  • The increased safety type and iterators permits implementers defining custom iteration to collection classes which are pretty easy and simple to use by code. It is made the first class language by the language integrated query or LINO.
Uses of C#

C# is an object oriented language and it supports the conceptions of inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. C# .net developer and VB developers can use C# for variables and methods which are encapsulated with class definition along with the applications entry point and main process. The class can be directly inherited from any parent class however it can be implemented on many numbers of interfaces. Approaches that overrule virtual means in a parent class need the override keyword also as a way to dodge unintentional redefinition.

The build process of C# is simple when compared to C or C++. Also it is more flexible than Java. It does not have any distinct header and also no necessity which will be declared in order. Any C# file can define any class, interface, event or any number of structs.

The programs created by C# developers through C# run on .NET framework which is an integral part of Windows which also has a virtual execution system known as common language runtime or CLR. It also consists of a unified set of class libraries. This is a commercial implementation by Microsoft of CLI or common language infrastructure which is an international standard which is used as a base creating environment where languages work together seamlessly.

The .NET framework consists of an extensive library which has over 4000 classes organized into names which provides a wide range of functionality from input and output to XML parsing to string manipulation. To handle common plumbing chores C# generally uses the .NET framework class library.

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