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Project Overview

Project Overview :

Description : B2B website     Technology : .net

Barcode Graphics website : This B2B website caters Product & sevices related to Bar codes which can be use for various products as per need & requirement. This website caters the customers range from small independent book publishers to the top worldwide retailers. In order to keep their customers up to date on the most current technology and specifications, suplier are actively involved with varying barcode technical committees for industries including Publishing, Printing, Retail, Healthcare, and Automotive.

From the website Manufacturer and Suppliers can register to sale / purchase Products. After the verification & approval from website admin, Users can become members of the website and can perform the transaction.

The theme & product/ service description exclusively shows the commitment to the highest standards in product quality, innovative technology and extraordinary customer service.

Features :

  • Manufacturer and Purchaser can communicate with each other.
  • Purchasers can place order which will be sent to manufacturer through website.
  • Theme integration for videos & image.
  • Section like FAQ for each product, Live chat & integration to downloads the manuals, Solution Center.
  • Exclusive feature of Barcode color guide
  • Features related to do’s & don’ts while looking for any product/service
  • Website has modules which manages the order details like Payment, Under construction Orders, Delivered Orders, and completed Orders.
  • Website manages all the Payment transaction performed on the website.
  • Website holds the payment till the order is processed to next level or completed.

USA : +1 315 715 8494

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