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B2B Website
Project Overview

Project Overview :

Description : Functionalists similar     Technology : .NET

B2B Website: This B2B website has functionalities similar to popular website Elance. From the website Manufacturer and Suppliers can register to sale / purchase Products. After the verification & approval from website admin, Users can become members of the website and can perform the transaction.

Features :

  • Manufacturer and Purchaser can communicate with each other.
  • Purchasers can place order which will be sent to manufacturer through website.
  • Website has modules to manage the MOQs and according the MOQs set in the system prices varies for order.
  • Website has modules which manages the order details like Payment, Under construction Orders, Delivered Orders, and completed Orders.
  • Website manages all the Payment transaction performed on the website.
  • Website holds the payment till the order is processed to next level or completed.
  • Inbox: To provide medium to communication between Users.
  • Web API developed with ASP.Net to fetch the data to be displayed in the front end.

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