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Azure Media Services – Things you needed to know

Azure Media Services offer enterprise and consumer streaming solutions all across the world. It works by combining highly scalable and powerful encoding, streaming components and encryption. Azure development offers customers a premium and high-quality video content and ensures that this reaches a large audience worldwide via some of the most popular devices like smartphones and tablets. Live broadcasts of sports events, concerts, news, meetings etc. are what most people prefer these days and most live broadcasters are turning Azure cloud services as their choice of platform.

Azure Media comes loaded with exciting features like Azure Media Indexer that enhances discoverability, simplify distribution in case of cross-platform players, cloud DVR capabilities that allows moving easily to on-demand programming from live content and not to forget the features that comes from the numerous third party partners, Azure web services truly has a lot in store for you. Azure media services undoubtedly offer its users the best-in-class solution for video content.

Let’s see how this works:

It helps to create on-demand solution

With Azure, one can deliver quickly scalable subscription video on demand or VOD advertising VOD, transactional VOD and other over the top services. You can make use of Azure cloud computing in order to reduce costs and deliver your content to multiple platforms and this can be done via Azure data centers spread worldwide.

You can make use of Advanced Encryption Standard or AES and Microsoft PlayReady DRM in order to protect your content.

Azure web development also allows integrating seamlessly with the streaming platform of the Media Services and encoding once lowers the cost and allows you deliver content across multiple platforms.

It comes with Media Encoder and its premium version as well and these offer studio grade encoding and that too at the cloud scale.

It helps you to create live broadcasting solutions

Azure Media Services is a very flexible platform and with this you can handle anything and everything no matter what the size is. Whether it is a small-scale local event like a concert or something else or whether it is a huge event like FIFA world cup or similar events, Azure is your best choice.

Azure offers you 24x7 linear streaming and event-based streaming.

Excellent business video experience

Whether you are a small business or large and you want to reach your customers worldwide, you can take the full advantage of Azure Media Services. Its feature along with the ones offered by the third parties ensures that you have more video in your organization. Azure has been used by many enterprises for training and corporate meeting purposes. With Azure website, one can deliver scalable videos securely to clients and external customers easily.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With Azure’s CDN, you deliver high bandwidth content to people spread all around the world with the help of Azure’s robust network of data centers. It can be used to send videos, audios, images, Azure app services and many such things to users via servers.

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