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ASP.NET Web API – Everything you needed to know

If you are planning to create HTTP services, ASP.NET Web API is a framework that is responsive to a wide range of clients starting from browsers, iphones, smartphones and tablets. It contains most of the MVC features and hence is similar is ASP.NET MVC Web API and some of these features include routing, filter, action results, controllers, model binders and dependency injection. However, it is important for you understand that this web API framework is not a part of the MVC framework. It can be used with different web applications like MVC, ASP.NET WebForms and is part of ASP.NET platform. This framework can also be used as a standalone web application.

Why use ASP.NET Web API?

A web based application is not enough at present to reach each and every customer. Most people these days make use of their smartphones and tablets to browse the net and the number of smartphone users is likely to increase in the coming days. These are loaded with applications that are made to make their lives easy and we actually moving away from the web world to the world of applications.

This is the reason as why ASP Web API is being used these days by most developers as this framework is compatible with both mobile devices and the browsers and is the easiest way of reaching to customers in a fast way.

Web API framework is the best way to expose your date to different devices. It is an open source framework and an ideal platform for REST-ful services and it makes use of all the features of HTTP like caching, URLs, various content formats etc. unlike the WCF Rest services and there is also no requirement for defining any extra configuration settings.

Features of ASP.NET Web API

The features of ASP.NET Web API hosting are:

  • It works with HTTP verbs DELETE, PUT, POST, and GET and hence supports CRUD Actions
  • Responses come with HTTP status code and an Accept Header
  • Web API’s MediaTypeFormatter formats the responses into XML, JSON, or any other format that you want to add
  • It offers automatic supports for OData
  • It can be hosted on IIS or within the application
  • It supports most of the features of MVC as already mentioned above like routing, filter, action results etc
Reasons to choose WEB API

Some of the reasons as why web service API is chosen by many developers are:

  • If SOAP is not needed in case of a web services, this is the best choice that you have
  • It can be used to create non-SOAP based simple HTTP services over WCF message pipeline that is already existing
  • There is no tedious and extensive configuration
  • Service creation is simply with Web API
  • Since it is based only on HTTP, it is easy to define and expose
  • It is a great choice for devices with limited bandwidth like tablets and smartphones
  • It can easily be upgraded to ASP.NET Web API 2 that offers more features

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