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Reasons, as why, should developers consider ASP.NET SignaIR for all projects

The concept of the static web is something of the past and it is something that does not almost nonexistent in the present. Things started changing as developers started playing with jQuery in order to create ‘Ajax’ web applications and dynamic web came into being.

Things started getting more dynamic as the first HTML5 was introduced along with the concept of WebSockets. WebSockets allowed the communication between a client application and the server directly and this undoubtedly was a great concept. However, there are few problems that we face when it comes to WebSockets. It is something that is not supported across all server stacks and browsers universally. As far as, .NET developers are concerned, the majority of them make use of running web applications that run on IIS version 6 and version 7. However, IIS version 8 is the only version to support WebSockets officially.

If you are using Internet Explorer versions 6 – 9, then you are in a loss since it is IE version 10 that only supports WebSockets. You do not have to worry if you are using Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

The question is “is peer – to – peer communication stack possible without WebSockets?’

The answer is ‘yes’ and this is how it is possible.

There are different ways of implementing solutions. Interval Polling and long polling are two such ways and both leads to huge bandwidth drain. There are numerous other solutions that work only in new browsers. How to support multiple clients without the need to rewrite tons of code?

ASP.NET SignaIR is the answer to this question! This is a framework meant for building asynchronous applications. This means that applications breaking the request – response web cycle can be built, the ones offering one – on – one connection that was offered by old client architectures.

A common mistake that many developers make us thinks that this network is only for the web and that is completely incorrect. ASP.NET is the most common framework used to create applications though SignaIR can be self-hosted or hosted using OWIN standard.

JavaScript is the main way as far as the clients are concerned. SignaIR also supports Windows phone, Silverlight, OSX, iOS and the many more. You can make use of multiple clients to a single server implementation. ASP.NET SignaIR is also easy to use and that is another reason as why developers are shifting to it.

SignaIR ASP.NET MVC can be used to create real chat applications and Pro ASP.NET SignaIR is the latest solution that is being used for real-time communication between clients and servers.

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