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ASP to .NET Migration

Advantages of ASP to .NET Migration

ASP to .NET migration is something very easy for the developers as all that is required for this purpose is shifting the extension to .ASPX from .ASP. ASP DOT NET as we all know is used for the development of dynamic websites, web applications and other web related services. This is a web application framework and is an extension of the classic ASP framework. It is built on CLR or Common Language Runtime or .NET CLR to be precise and it allows the developers to write codes in script languages along with .NET languages including C#, VB.NET, J#, Chrome, DELPHI.NET and the likes.

Before converting from ASP to ASP.NET, you need to know what are the advantages behind it and here in this article we deal with some of those advantages. Scalable and robust web applications are being developed by the developers to suit the needs of organizations on .ASP framework and meet the requirements of the changing business ambience. There are many benefits that this framework offers and some of these benefits are offered by this framework only and not the others due to its amazing features. Some of the features of this framework include the following:

  • In case of ASP, a large amount of coding is required and this load is substantially reduced in case of .NET framework. This is one of the biggest reasons for ASP to ASP.NET migration these days.
  • Another great benefit this offers during the developmental stage is that it lets trace design time errors.
  • ASP.NET comes with built-in windows authentication configuration and this offers complete security for your applications.
  • It caches the entire web page or few parts of the same and improves the overall performance.
  • It also offers additional features like automatic deployment, WYSIWYG editing, drop and drag server controls and the likes.
  • There is also the benefit of language independency and this helps in the choice of the right language depending on the application that is being developed
  • There is also no requirement for the registration of the various components due to the already built-in configuration information and this another reason to migrate from ASP to ASP.Net
  • ASP.NET runtime manages and monitors the process to make sure that the applications are available to deal with the requests
  • The HTML codes and the source code are on the same server meaning it is very easy to write and manage web pages in case of ASP.NET and this also offers a great deal of flexibility to the web pages
  • There is also the benefit of constant monitoring and this prevents any sort of memory leaks and even if such activities happen, these gets destroyed and the application runs smoothly.

Due to these amazing features, most businesses are going for classic ASP to ASP.NET migration. Developers are making use of ASP to ASP.NET migration tools for this purpose and there are DOT NET companies that offer you these services.

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