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Everything you needed to know

ASP.NET AJAX is nothing but a set of extension developed by Microsoft for ASP.NET for the implementation of Ajax functionality. It does not run on all the browsers and it runs on Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0 and above), Mozilla Firefox (1.5 and above), Opera (9.0 and above), Apple Safari (2.0 and above) and finally Google chrome (5 and above).

AJAX is a general term and it stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Jesse James Garret coined this term and in an essay that was published in February 2005. This term was quickly accepted by the development community and here are the items that make up AJAX in ASP.NET:

  • XML http Request: This lets the browser to connect to the backend server and talk to it without any post back for the web page. MSXML ActiveX component offers this capability in case of Internet Explorer 5 and 6. XML http Request is the object that provides this capability in case of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and the other web browsers.
  • JavaScript: This also allows communicating with the backend server and the version required for this purpose should be 1.5 or more. JavaScript is not specifically needed though since this is major scripting language from the client-side that is supported by the major web browsers, it is important. There are other script languages as well and most of these are not supported by the web browsers.
  • DOM/DHTML Support: The ability to update dynamically from the elements is possible due to the presence of DOM or Document Object Model support. This makes it easier for the developers to develop a code that is supported by most of the web browsers.
  • Data Transport: There is standard mechanism that allows communicating with the web server via XML. JSON is the default data format for the same.
Who makes use of AJAX?

AJAX programming is being used by many and it is one of the most used programming languages that is loaded with features. Some of the famous names that are using AJAX are Google Suggest, Google Maps, Gmail, Outlook web access, Live.com to name only a few. You can check these sites as ASP.NET AJAX example.


To sum up, it is important for you to understand that AJAX offers a perfect foundation for the developers to develop rich web applications for an improved user experience with its high end ASP.NET AJAX extensions and easy to use along with ASP.NET AJAX toolkit. Ajax control tool kit download is also easy. It offers the following benefits:

  • It offers the ability to make asynchronous calls to web server and ensures that the client’s browser does not has to wait for the data to reach.
  • Minimal data transfer is another benefit.
  • AJAX applications are also very responsive as they are asynchronous.

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