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Benefits of Amazon Web Services

There are many companies out there that are considering Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their infrastructural needs. There are thousands of companies that are making use of Amazon web hosting services in more than 200 countries around the world to fulfill their business needs and there are many such companies that the entire world is synonymous with like Pinterest, Vodafone, Reddit, SAP, Netflix and many more. These leverage AWS to fulfill their infrastructural needs. However, if this is not convincing enough, there are many reasons as why you should consider it as well:

Zero CapEx

There is common belief that Amazon and all other cloud-based services are very expensive and are only for the riches. However, the reality is somewhat different. It is common to see that Amazon cloud services are used only by high-end tech companies but also by startups and the reason behind that is the fact that the capital expenditure is not much when it comes to Amazon. If you are a startup and you are facing problems in paying for your cloud services, you can visit the Amazon marketplace to check it products and you will surely come across a few within your budget.

Zero commitment

No matter what you need, whether a server for hosting a small or medium website, scalable and reliable email services, CDN or content delivery network for sites that attract heavy traffic, Hadoop Cluster in the case of big data needs or data warehousing service, you will get everything with AWS without any commitment. All the served backed services offered by Amazon are charged on the hourly basis and this means if you stop or terminate a service, you would not be billed for the next hour. Amazon web services cost is charged in hourly basis.

Zero Negotiations

Price negotiation is one area where a lot of people lack expertise and it is useless having to waste time and energy in negotiating prices. Amazon web services prices are such that these are focused in reducing your infrastructural costs and that is surely an amazing benefit for companies of all sizes. The prices for many services offered by Amazon have been reduced more than 30 years in the last year. There are also tools like CloudChecker and Trusted Advisor that offers insight for optimizing costs with the existing setup you have in Amazon AWS console.


Procuring a new server can be time-consuming and it can take from few hours to several days for the same. The time required to software licenses are also the somewhat similar. With Amazon cloud computing, however, it takes only a few minutes to spin up new servers and you also do not need to buy new licenses for many software and operating systems.


Amazon offers world class security not only physically but over the internet as well. They make use of an end to end approach to offer you the ultimate level of security.

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